2018 Review: Part One


Let’s be honest now, when you think of Icelandic guys you picture lads with blond hair and blue eyes. You know, that Nordic, Viking look that a great many of us find truly irresistable. So when a young fellow from Reykjavik contacted us to say that he wanted to do some porn with us we were somewhat surprised that he didn’t fit into that generalisation at all.

Turns out, of course, that Charlie Keller’s ancestry didn’t hail from the Arctic Circle at all – he was originally born in Romania, and later adopted by an Icelandic couple. Not that that stopped him from becoming an instant hit when he first appeared at www.staxus.com in 2017. Far from in fact. And what’s more, he’s continued to be a massive star in 2018.

All for very good reason, of course. Charlie is a born performer, after all; and some of his scenes this year – with the likes of Titus Snow and Lior Hod – have been some of our favourites. But it’s his threesome with Boris Lang and Ezra Gibson, both of whom have also been greatly admired this year, that has drawn greatest acclaim. And for very good reason. In short, it’s fucking hot!

So we totally concur with our fan, rimlover89, when he tells us that this boy is up there with one of his favourites over the past twelve months; along with Ezra (another fucking beaut!), Liam Stone and Max Gray. Will he prove to be our all-time favourite of 2018, however? Well, you’re just gonna have to wait and see what our panel of reviewers have decided when we announce their decision right at the end of the year.

In the meantime, here’s some very sexy pics of Iceland’s greatest porn export to remind you of just how spunktastically sexy this handsome boy was when he appeared in front of our cameras!