Anal Destruction: Fisted Rubber Gimp DVD

MDF. Fisted Rubber Gimp DVD have just released a new MyDirtiestFantasy DVD, Fisted Rubber Gimp, featuring Dominique Kenique and James Oakleigh, directed by Timmy Treasure.

The mechanic Dominique finds James wandering around with no apparent place to be going, now is his time to fulfil his most perverted fantasies. The mechanic can’t resist sitting James on a pair of old tyres and chaining his legs up. Now the hot show starts where the blowjobs, hard sex, fisting and sex toys are the principal attraction. But show isn’t over yet as Dominique moves James over to a work table, putting a gas mask on his face for some Breath play and makes him try the fuck machine. A big yellow dildo gets inserted into his ass while Dominique does whatever he wants with the rest of the boy’s body. But Dominique is not satisfied yet and puts his fist into James hole to make him feel as dirty as the dirtiest boy in town.

Actors: Dominique Kenique, James Oakleigh

Director: Timmy Treasure

Run Time: 66 minutes

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