“Black Piste” is now available on DVD

Black Piste DVD

Another heads-up for all you DVD collectors; “Black Piste” is now available as physical DVD as well as full-movie download. For this movie, director John Smith took six of our models on a trip to the snowy mountains of the Czech Republic.

Once you go black, as they say, you never go back. This statement couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to the black piste, but even more so when it comes to hung black stud Hector Agusti. The Dutch porn actor appears in three of the four scenes. Hector can be seen and enjoyed along with Victor Diamond and Staxus exclusives Yuri Adamov, Erik Franke, Noah Matous and Shane Hirch.

This bareback movie runs for more than an hour and a half and contains two hardcore duos and two hardcore threesomes. Three of these are interracial scenes.

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Here’s the movie trailer:
[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”18522″]

Scene 1: Hector Agusti and Noah Matous


Scene 2: Shane Hirch, Noah Matous and Victor Diamond


Scene 3: Hector Agusti and Victor Diamond


Scene 4: Hector Agusti, Erik Franke and Yuri Adamov


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