Classics: Hell Sperm Expiation DVD

MDF. Hell Sperm Expiation DVD have just released a new MyDirtiestFantasy DVD, Hell Sperm Expiation, featuring Adam Power, Alexis Clark and Dominique Kenique, directed by Timmy Treasure.

Adam Power goes to My Dirtiest Fantasy to get his dirtiest fantasy fulfilled, He wants to be bound, forced and pissed on. To make the situation more humilliating, the MDF team take Adam to a layby near a forest, where he strips naked and lays into a coffin, later to be picked up by the two captors. Once in a building he’s released from the box, and forced to suck off two anonymous guys cocks, before being locked into a hole in the wall where his ass is abused. But that’s not all, after moving him to a different place, once again in the coffin, he’s tied to a bondage chair, whipped and made to cum, all before being put back in the coffin and getting drenched in piss.

Actors: Adam Power, Alexis Clark, Dominique Kenique

Director: Timmy Treasure

Run Time: 52 minutes

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