Close & Personal With Joel Tamir


Oh baby, take me on a ride with you!

A ride in Joel’s car of course, not what you think! Haha ;)

Young sex-bomb, Joel Tamir, is obviously very proud of his posh car; and I assume that a big part of his money he earns from shooting porn is directly invested in his beloved car.

In other words, you could probably say that one of the reasons he rims on screen is that he needs to buy new wheel rims ;) Apart from all the fun it is to suck another man’s badly swollen ramrod, of course!

You can tell from the very first look at the way he behaves, looks and stands in front of the camera that sexy Joel doesn’t do it for the money alone. No, he’s born to worship both his own and other men’s proud boners, and he’s more than happy to get his weekly dose of cum fresh from the fuck-sticks of the other STAXUS boys!

His next scene will go online shortly, so until then I suggest you dream yourself into Joel’s car – and later into his arse!