Coming Soon On Staxus: Cobe Loewe gets a final chance to save his relationship with Joel Tamir!


Let’s be honest: When you’re young and you feel the cum rising in your balls, you need a man who takes care of you and your carnal desires.

Unfortunately, poor Joel Tamir‘s boyfriend, Cobe Loewe, who used to fuck the cum out of him every day, has transformed into a cookie-eating TV fanatic with only little interest in Joel (what the fuck?!).

So, Joel comes to the understandable conclusion to leave Cobe, but Joel (being the loyal type) decides to gives his former lover a final chance to save their relationship. And boys, that’s what Cobe does!

Look forward to a hot fuck on the couch, with Cobe doing everything – and I mean everything! – to please Joel and to prove that he would do anything if only Joel remains his boyfriend.

That, of course, includes excessive twink arse rimming, cock sucking and a hot, bareback ride, with Joel riding his lover’s complete length! Joel gets it really good from his boyfriend, and in the end they express their reviving passion by swallowing their hot twink cum!

Two well hung lovers will have sex in multiple positions on your screen when you log into your STAXUS account on Sunday – and be assured that Joel will re-think his decision to dump his lover after getting buggered so intensively. Dumping a load of cum is always the better choice; for Joel and for you!

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