Coming Soon on Staxus: Flip-Flop Priestly Fuckers Take Love Of Man To A Whole New Cum-Bustin’ Level!


Gorgeously studly Salvatore Salvi is back for a new video arriving on the Staxus site, and after we saw him being fucked in his first encounter on the site it’s great to see him flip flop fucking in this one with Tobias Mose.

I’m not gonna lie, the moment I first saw Salvatore I was in lust. I guess I might have a few “types” that get me horny, and even though I love all kinds of guys he is a good example of the kind of man that really gets my dick throbbing ;)

Even though he’s pretty new to the business himself, young Tobias is brand new (as far as I know). I don’t think I have seen him in anything before, so seeing him appearing with such a hot and hunky man for this flip flop fucking video is probably going to get him a lot of fans right from the start.

He’s a bit of a dreamy twink, so it’s not at all surprising to see that buff hunk really going at him. The gallery definitely gives the impression that the boy takes a powerful fuck from the guy, and gives the dude a good dicking too.

Bring on the video! I’m desperate to see this one ;)

Salvatore Salvi and Tobias Mose

Salvatore Salvi gobbles the stiff dick of Tobias Mose

new twink Tobias Mose feasts on the juicy dick of Salvatore Salvi

Salvatore Salvi takes a fucking from new twink Tobias Mose