Coming Soon on Staxus: Raw Heroes – Scene 2 – Johan Volny and Ernest Blue get their firefighting freak on!


In case you didn’t know (where have you been young man?!) we’re celebrating some of the horniest hardcore action we’ve ever had on the Staxus site, taking scenes away and doing a little magic on them to bring them up to that crisp HD quality before returning them to the limelight for fans old and new to enjoy, and I think we all agree that this pairing with hung uncut Johan Volny and Ernest Blue definitely deserves the makeover treatment.

Johan is one of those names everyone knows, or at least you should if you claim to love gorgeous boys in hardcore action. Famous for his handsome good looks, a stunning lithe and fit body and one of the most impressive long uncut cocks ever enjoyed on the site, he had potentially thousands of fans here when this video was released.

He’s joined by equally delicious Ernest Blue for this bareback fuck session, one in the firefighting theme – who doesn’t love that setting?

What made him so popular? Well, the fact that he was all about the cock when most of his scene partners were gay for pay certainly made a difference. He got plenty of straight boys off in his videos, and with a tool like that he was well equipped to show all those boys what they were missing out on.

I’m not sure if Ernest was straight when he was appearing in this video, but Johan gives the twink everything he could want and more, feeding him that length and sucking him off in return, then slamming his ass and making him spew a generous load mid-fuck, and all finished up with a splashing load of semen in the young mans face!

Check out some pics as the hung uncut star rams that sweet ass, and stick around for the new and remastered video to drop!