Coming Soon on Staxus: Skater twinks Leo Ocean and Pyotr Tomek get it on!


There’s a whole lot about this new bareback video with skater twinks Leo Ocean and Pyotr Tomek that’s going to have plenty of you jerking off along to the show when the scene arrives on the Staxus site tomorrow morning, but although I could probably write about these gorgeous boys for hours I have to focus on the most important part for this one, starting off with the contrast between the two and the setting for their romp.

Now, you’ll see from the pics that this might be one of the most perfect pairings we’ve had in this particular setting this year. I know I might be getting a little too arty on your asses by saying that the contrast between pale Leo and Pyotr is highlighted by the very neutral tones of the setting, but I have a feeling you guys will totally get what I’m talking about.

Aside from the setting and the styling of this video there’s plenty of hardcore highlights that I know will have you all transfixed, not least of all the sight of these two stater twinks getting their uncut knobs between each other lips for some really delicious sucking.

I could watch that all day, but there’s no denying it the bareback butt fucking that really has us all merrily wanking away to the fun. These boys really deliver some excellent action together in this one, I know because I’ve seen the trailer for it (jealous? lol)

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