Coming Soon On Staxus: The sound of Skype turns into the sound of love for Jake and Vitali!


Anyone who works with Skype will surely recognise the typical sound at the beginning of this hot bareback twink porn, when STAXUS exclusive boy Jake Stark starts a video call with Vitali Kutcher!

Thanks to modern communications, Vitali gets a pretty detailed overview on his screen about what his wanna-be lover has to offer – and even if we don’t understand a word of what Vitali says, we can see that he definitely likes what Jake shows him!

Just moments later they are in the same room, on the same couch – and sucking the same way all gay guys do, expressing their feelings and their raw lust at the same time! Such talented, young suckers surely are a real treat for all of you who like giving or receiving a nice blowjob, but Vitali wants and needs more – and us fans with him!

By testing Jake’s tight hole (seriously, check it out on Thursday, it’s really, really tight!) with his finger, he prepares his love-hole for the fuck that will follow and shoves his solid hard cock just moments later between the boy’s cheeks with obvious relieve!

Both boys cum in the end – but until you can see that great moment in the full-length porn flick on Staxus, I suggest you check out the trailer here on the blog. I’m sure it’s good enough for a quick wank before you get to enjoy the final result soon ;)

Share your thoughts with us – and tell us if you’ve ever used Skype to check out other boys’ equipment before you dated them!

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