Coming Soon on Staxus: Zoltan Goral gets a very hot welcome in this new gay DP video!


How would you welcome a new performer to the Staxus site? There are plenty of boys willing to help a new arrival to deliver a spectacular debut performance, and from what I’ve read about this new scene due to arrive on the site tomorrow Carl Ross and Ariel Glutton certainly achieved that with new boy Zoltan Goral!

What can I say about Zoltan? Well, although we know little about this handsome and tanned new arrival, we know he has a big uncut dick that he likes to stick up other boys butts!

Ariel is living up to his surname in this gay DP threesome too, being the meat in their sandwich as Zoltan and Carl both take turns to enjoy his snug little ass. There’s a whole lot of tasty dick sucking and hole-tonguing to enjoy before we get to that part, but no doubt it’s going to be all the bareback cock the boy takes that will ultimately have you all splashing some juice from your own dick :)

The sight of Ariel taking both those boys cocks in his hole at once is what will really do it for a lot of you guys. I love seeing some gay DP in a video, with two hard dicks frotting together while a boy rides them both, and there’s no denying that these three young men achieve an amazing display between them as Ariel slides up and down on their combined fuck sticks!

Check out some pics of the action, but make sure you’re back here tomorrow morning to see this one arrive.

New lad Zoltan Goral in a gay DP 1 New lad Zoltan Goral in a gay DP 2 New lad Zoltan Goral in a gay DP 3 New lad Zoltan Goral in a gay DP 4