Commenting on Comments: Angel Lopez & Zac Drogba in Raw Rodeo scene 1


I eventually got around to it! I’ve been meaning to add a Comment post on the blog about this excellent pairing with two new boys for the last week but something kept coming up and distracting me – usually a new scene or something important to share. But finally, with the expected release of scene 2 tomorrow starring Andel Lopez and Ray Mannix I’ve found an opportunity.

So, what did the fans think of seeing muscled top Zac Drogba fucking that tight little twunk ass?

Angel Lopez & Zac Drogba in Raw Rodeo scene 1 1Staxus does seem to have a talent for finding some of the most adorable and sexy young men. Angel is a very good example of that, and I think Zac is a great example of how different physiques can compliment each other too. I also think that because this was Zac’s first scene he was just getting into performing. We all know there are some boys who might seem a little distracted or timid in their first video but then become great performers. I’m waiting to see him in more before I would be willing to write him off as some others have done.

Angel Lopez & Zac Drogba in Raw Rodeo scene 1 2I think you’re going to get your wish! I heard from one of the other Staxus stars this week that Angel is really enjoying performing and wants to do a lot more. I can’t imagine Staxus would say no to that! lol

Angel Lopez & Zac Drogba in Raw Rodeo scene 1 3I agree with everything you’ve said here, Chris. I know some other members really only like the slender young twinks, but Staxus has built a reputation for delivering all kinds of horny guys from twinks to jocks and muscled men too. Different fans like different things, and I think they serve various fans very well. Zac is a handsome and fit young man, and like you say, that cum shot at the end is excellent! I love seeing a guy genuinely experiencing so much pleasure he can’t stop his cock from firing! :)

Angel Lopez & Zac Drogba in Raw Rodeo scene 1 4Oh, I don’t know, the standard has been pretty damn high for a long time! I don’t know how Staxus can improve on perfection, but somehow they keep delivering something a little most special on a regular basis and proving that indeed perfection can be exceeded :)

Angel Lopez & Zac Drogba in Raw Rodeo scene 1 5I agree that another scene with these two would be excellent, although perhaps an orgy would be better. It’s about time we had another one of those classic gang bang videos in my opinion and seeing this stunning young twunk taking them all on would be amazing. Zac would be a great top in a setting like that in my opinion, surrounded by plenty of other boys as they all gang up to satisfy Angel.

As you can tell, I have a lot of thoughts about how great Angel is gonna be in the future and what I would love to see him in, and I really want to see Zac back for some more action too.

If you still haven’t seen the opening fuck video for the Raw Rodeo series then you definitely should click through and take a look.

Thanks for your comments on the scene guys, everyone appreciates it.