Commenting on Comments: BB Skin Flick – Scene 2 – Remastered in HD


I know, it’s been a little while since we had a commenting on comments post, but I think it’s time to bring it back and check out what some of you have been saying on the site. I was looking through this afternoon and wondering where to start, but after seeing this classic pairing with Johnny Salem and Mr. Rush I thought I had to choose this one given the positive responses by you guys.

It’s a remastered scene of course, but plenty of them have been popping up and reminding us of some of the hottest action on the Staxus site from the past. It definitely works to get a lot of new and old members checking them out and enjoying them.

So, what did you guys think of this one?

One of the hottest clip ever filmed ! The sensuality, tenderness of the older guy goes so well with the cuteness and freshness of the younger one, with a fantastic explosive cum swallowing in the end ! Great movie indeed. – Christian

Obviously I agree with Christian, the pairing is a hot one and the cum action at the end of it all is delicious to watch. There are a lot of classics from this era worth checking out.

Just love the set up of the clip. The boys are so cute, lovely! I could eat them! And this is from the past! WOW! Lots more of these diamonds Staxus. – hetloo

I often find myself agreeing with hetloo when he leaves a comment on a video, but I would stop short of condoning cannibalism lol And again we’re reminded that there are some great classics on the Staxus site that most members have never seen. I think I might have to bring some of the to the attention of the members on the blog again.

Johnny Salem is gorgeous! I love his nose – it’s so cute!!! Unfortuantely, I can’t find any info on him on this page! More with him would be great! – softwildkiss

I know what you mean, there have been a few problems with the information for performers, especially from way back. I know the guys in the Staxus office were looking at getting the old profiles for performers back up and linking them through, so hopefully that will change soon.

What a beautiful video ! The two boys are great. In particular Johnny Salem is so sweet and cute. I love his beautiful eyes. He is a true lover. Thank you boys for this performance. Love. – marop75

I can’t speak for the boys in the video but I believe they would both appreciate the way you guys comment on their videos and show them that love.

There are lots more classic scenes ready to make a return to the site in the coming months, and I plan to share them on the blog and give you a little sneaky peek at them before they arrive so stick around and keep checking back. I think I’ll have to start looking back through the site too and seeing if there are more great classics we should have back on the blog for your enjoyment too. If you have any suggestions for your fave scenes from the past that you think I should feature on here please let me know in the comments!