Commenting on Comments: Down at the gym with Alex Silvers and Martin Muse


I thought it might be fun to get back to commenting on some of you comments! I know it’s been a while, so for those who might not know we used to share some of the opinions of members on the blog when a scene really hit that sweet spot, and I think we all agree that this new arrival with Alex Silvers taking a bareback cum load from Martin Muse in the middle of a gym really did hit that spot!

If you haven’t seen the video yet, go and take a look and bust a nutt!

So, without further a do, some opinions:

Wow, new British guy Alex is a real eye-catcher..very boyish attitude and look..perfectly at the end when Martin Muse jerks off in the ass of Alex..then with a little fart all creamy load runs slowly out of the asshole.. – Chris

Well, apart from the mention of a “fart” (he doesn’t fart, honestly! lol) I entirely agree. Alex is adorbs, and seeing any boy getting a cum load in his hole is not to be missed. That has to be one of the highlights of this scene, although I loved every moment of it.

Hope we get to see more of cute Alex!!Dee Pee Zee

Fear not young Dee Pee Zee! There is another gay gym bareback video coming up very soon, with gorgeous Alex getting the delicious dick of handsome young fittie Pyotr Tomek! You’re gonna love it, you fruity little minx :)

Very nice .!!! Both Alex & Martin did it for me, got to admire also how Zack is holding up! Well done.bodoman666

It has to be said that seeing Zack and his immense muscles at the start of this really pushed my boner up to concrete level! I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see him at least stroking one out in the background while watching the boys, but you can’t get everything, right? Hopefully that cameo might mark a return for the hunk, I would love to see him back sharing that muscle dick.

Fantastic video!! If I could give it 6 stars, I would!! Yowza…Etienne

But you gave it six stars in your heart, and that’s what matters :)

Thanks for all your lovely comments on the video guys, I hope we’ll see you expressing your deep adoration for the performers and the action plenty of times this year, and the best ones with something to say will make it to the blog. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to find a natural way to insert the word Banana into your next comment lol

You won’t win a prize, but my admiration and joy should be rewarding enough.