Commenting on Comments: Johnathan Strake bottoms for Noah Matous


Sweet young Johnathan Strake was the perfect choice for Noah Matous, the fans seem to all agree too! The feedback on this recent arrival on the Staxus site has been pretty damn impressive, I think this might become the most popular hardcore bareback video we’ve seen this year. If you haven’t seen this one yet then check out some of the comments from the members and get in there to watch it for yourself!

Comments on Noah Matous & Johnathan Strake 1Although he was only gone for a few months I know a lot of fans missed young Noah and his impressive skills, but I don’t think many were expecting him to come back and stick that big dick into another boys ass! It’s definitely great to see him topping though.

Comments on Noah Matous & Johnathan Strake 2He has shown a whole new side of him in this video, I’m personally hoping we get to see Noah in some flip flop fucking in the future, that would be excellent to see. Maybe we can get him into a threesome fuck train with him in the middle? :)

Comments on Noah Matous & Johnathan Strake 3You’re not the only one who loved seeing him showing off his ass while his cock was in Johnathan, you can see that even when he’s sliding in and out of another boys pucker he’s thinking about getting a dick up his hole too :) Every single one of us would gladly volunteer to be the third one in a threesome with these boys!

Comments on Noah Matous & Johnathan Strake 4He’s still a very eager bottom boy at heart I think, even though he clearly loved being the top in this pairing. Johnathan took it like a pro too of course, a definitely winner in my opinion and one of those boys I think (hope) we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this year.

Comments on Noah Matous & Johnathan Strake 5Boy Angels is right! Obviously a lot of the members agreed with you Chris, this is a dream pairing and a perfect scenario too, unexpected but entirely enjoyed by all. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a repeat of this pair again in the future, maybe with some toy play to keep Noah’s greedy little ass busy? lol

Thanks for all the comments on this video guys, I appreciate it and it definitely helps to get passing visitors to the blog in there and enjoying the videos too. If you’re reading this as a guest to the blog then you really should click through and watch this video, you’ll be in there and shooting a load watching these boys before you know it!