Commenting on Comments: Kris Blent Model Spotlight


You guys have had a little time to digest the teasing spotlight video featuring the lovely Kris Blent, and it seems you’ve all been giving your opinions on the video too. Of course I wanted to share some of those opinions on the blog with those who might only be passing through, it’s a great way to let them know how good the site is and what you guys think of the action.

So, without further ado, here’s some of the best comments taken from the page.

Such a teaser !!! Hope to see much more of Kris. Well done to all at Staxus. – bodoman666

Rest assured that Kris is an eager performer and he has whole list of hardcore fun he wants to share on video with you guys. He’s one of the most proactive boys from what I’ve heard, always coming up with new scenarios he thinks would be hot to appear in. There’s some great action coming up this month and next :)

He is Hottt…and he knows it. I like the floppy hair better as well but I’m not complaining. I could have used a bit of cum here but this was awesome. – ❤dr,

From what I’ve heard he’s actually very modest in real life, but there’s no doubt he oozes confidence and sex appeal on camera. He is one of the horniest boys though, always sporting a boner at the mere hint of sex.

a rising TOP-STAR!!!!!! – gandalf0123

Top as in sexual position? If so I beg to differ, Kris is absolutely versatile, and although he started out with us fucking Yuri he’s really into getting his hole filled in, as seen recently in the bareback DP threesome he enjoyed. But if you mean top as in one of the best and faves of the fans, I think we know he’s winning over hearts (and boners) with every new appearance lol

Kris is such a great performer both talented and very hot, it was a joy watching him showing off his body and playing with himself. I love all these solo scenes, it would be really cool though to have some dildo action in some of them, Brad Fitt’s solo scene from back in november last year in which he fucked himself with a big black dildo is one of my all time favorite videos =) – biggerthebetter

I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. I love a good solo wank video too, and it would be great to watch more of these with the boys fucking themselves with dildos or using cock rings and masturbators in their scenes too. I know there are some more model spotlight videos coming up soon, so stick around for those, they’re going to be HOT! :)

Thanks for all your opinions guys. Keep them coming on the scenes you watch and let us all know what you think about the boys and the action. And if you’re reading this and not yet a member, what the hell man? Get in there and enjoy the action! :)