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So I waited a little while to see if we could gather some more opinions on this new hardcore bareback video with muscled jock boy Luke Volta sinking his cock into young farmer Titus Snow, and I think it’s about time I shared some of those opinions on the blog for all those passing visitors who might still need a little nudge into the site :)

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I can see what you mean, I think this might be due to not knowing what the reception might be. For instance, some of the more muscled guys haven’t been appreciated as they probably should have in the past and I suppose being predominantly a twink site they chose to focus on Titus. I understand what you mean though and I think this is probably going to change in future videos with him, he is very new and still learning.Comments on Luke Volta & Titus Snow 2

Thanks Ryan, I always love reading your comments you put a lot into them and really try to help out the other readers with a little more info. We try to be revealing just enough in the descriptions without giving too many specifics to distract from the theme or the story, so it’s great to see members commenting like this and really showing what they loved about the video. I loved the fingering part too :)

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I do think this is because Luke is still finding his footing and he’s quite new to all of this. He’s definitely an asset though, I imagine he’ll do what a lot of the other great boys did and soon come out of his shell a little more and be more in-the-moment. I remember the first scenes of some of the other boys who went on to be massive stars and adored by thousands, so I think we should probably appreciate his newness while we have it, soon he’ll probably be pounding the cum out of the boys like he’s been doing it for years!

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These two comments perfectly show how hard it can be to present videos to such a large audience. Theo suggests Luke is not right for the site and immediately after Dong demands more of the handsome and buff young man! I would suggest that the appreciation the fans have shown for Luke in these comments and those on his previous video show that he definitely does belong here. Staxus has a great history of mixing muscled and fit young men in with their twinks and it’s always worked well. Each to their own though of course, some prefer the twinks while others prefer a little more muscle now and then, I think Staxus delivers a perfect balance of both in their videos.

Comments on Luke Volta & Titus Snow 5I think you’re right that the brown hair probably suited him a little more, but I don’t mind either way. I know Titus is a bit of a rebel and likes to change things a lot, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he came back next week with a completely different look :)

Thanks for the comments guys! This one was pretty enlightening and interesting to go through. I think it’s going to be great to see the handsome Luke develop and become the great performer we all know he’s going to be, and boys like gorgeous Titus are going to be on hand to show him the way too!

If you’re one of the few here reading this who hasn’t seen the video yet then click through and take a look for yourself, I think you’re all gonna love it.