Currently Watching: Tenants with muscles


So after seeing the trailer for the new gay orgy video arriving tomorrow and really loving all the fit young men appearing in it I was in the mood for some muscle. I don’t know if the average passing visitor to the blog knows this, but along with being the best for bareback twinks in the world Staxus is also pretty well known for having some really hot muscle cock porn on the site too.

Yeah, it is mostly about those gorgeous young bareback twink boys, but over the years the site has seen some really fucking hot muscle porn with guys like these. Check out some pics of one of my faves with big and beefy men Gio Gallis and Lukas Kingsley sharing those hard uncut dicks out in the open.

Aside from my love of young and fit jocks, and smooth wanton twink bottoms, I confess that I have a soft spot for real masculine and hunky muscle men like these two. They really know how to treat those uncut boners in this one too, wanking and sucking each other off out in the open where any passing wanderer might see – and probably need to stroke one out to the live show lol

Ultimately the prize of hot tight ass goes to Lukas, with Gio bending over to have his hole filled in, and all culminating in some impressive cum splashes to finish it all off.

So, if you haven’t checked this one out yet and you’re in the mood for something a little more meaty – just for a change – you should go and take a look at this muscle cock video, I think a lot of you will enjoy this one :)