Detailed model interview with handsome Czech boy Sivan Ozzi


We’ve seen a lot of gorgeous young men arrive on the STAXUS site over the last few months, and one of the hottest and most handsome has to be Sivan Ozzi. I knew that we would get an interview with him eventually, but I’m glad we’ve got one now before he becomes even more popular than he is right now. If you haven’t seen him on video yet you really need to go and watch all four of the scenes he appeared in, but perhaps wait until you’ve read through his interview here and found out a little more about the sexy young Czech star :)

STAXUS: Let’s start at the beginning, so to speak… when did you have your first time sex and how was it?

SIVAN: To be perfectly honest, I was quite late with my first sex. I usually do not like to talk about that topic, because others usually expect you to have sex in a very young age and look strange at you when you say you are late. I was already 16 and a half when I had my first sexual experience. Of course I wanked before, almost on a regular basis. My first time sex was in a bed and I enjoyed it very much.

STAXUS: It sounds almost romantic compared to some of the first-time stories I’ve heard! Do you prefer rough sex or soft sex?

SIVAN: I like soft sex. I’m more the romantic, quiet guy who likes to be conquered. Usually, other guys have to make the first step, so I normally wait that someone’s approaching me in bars or discos.

STAXUS: As you’re romantic and quiet I guess that answers the next question of whether you’ve ever had sex in public?

SIVAN: Are porn cameras defined as public place? Haha – No, I never had sex in a public place, but with the right guy I can well imagine it.

STAXUS: Ah! So you’re open to it, but it needs to be the right guy? Who would that be? Which celebrity would be the one to get you into public sex?

SIVAN: Ryan Gosling is super sexy! I like him very much and would love to hang around with him and have fun in bed afterwards! I already have a detailed plan in my head what I would do with him! haha

STAXUS: Who hasn’t thought about Mr. Gosling? I’ve rubbed out more than one load thinking about him. And that brings me to the next question… have you ever been caught wanking?

SIVAN: Oh yes, even two times! Once my dad suddenly entered my room when I was a teenager and I was fast in putting my dick back in my pants, but I was not fast enough to turn off the porn I was watching. That was quite embarrassing. The other one was a school buddy of mine who caught me wanking in the garage. He just smiled and didn’t say anything.

STAXUS: A friend caught you wanking and didn’t join in? That’s a missed opportunity in my opinion! So, next question is what’s your favorite position to be in, which role?

SIVAN: I like to top which is quite odd, because I see myself as the submissive part in a relationship. I like to take care of my partner, but when it comes to sex, I love to see my dick sliding in a well lubed arse!

STAXUS: That sounds deliciously slippery, and it kind of brings me to the next question too… Do you prefer sex in a shower or bath?

SIVAN: I would say in the shower. There you have more space and more possibilities to fuck around. Space and positions are very limited when you try to have sex in the tub.

STAXUS: That’s true. I’ve done both and the shower is definitely better, especially when you have one of those massaging heads on it! And speaking of which, do you have any sex toys?

SIVAN: Some years ago, when I was in school, I got a plastic doll from an older friend to practice sex. That’s a long story. However, he just gave me a female doll, so I tried my luck with it. But it didn’t feel right and really strange, so I put it aside after using it just once. It still must be somewhere up in the attic.

STAXUS: I never understood why guys used those, they don’t look very pleasurable to me. But I guess when you’re a horny young man anything will do! Is there anything that never fails to get you horny?

SIVAN: Put me on a bike and you can bet I get a hardon! One of my biggest hobbies is to take my bike for a nice, long ride. I don’t know if it is the fresh air or the saddle rubbing against my arse, but I always get a hardon.

STAXUS: I have to admit cycling shorts get me hard, but then again any kind of underwear does! Do you have any favorite kind of underwear?

SIVAN: I don’t wear underwear at all! People are always shocked when I confess this, but I stopped wearing underwear in my teenager days. It is a very special feeling, you have to try it! Every erection is more intense. Just try it! Haha

STAXUS: One of my close friends when I was about 18 used to go commando all the time, he was always getting hard and showing off his cock for his buddies! We fooled around a little because of that too. Would you ever fool around with a good friend?

SIVAN: Yes, why not? I can see no problem. When two men are friends and they feel attracted to each other, then it’s just natural that they want to be intimate with each other. The only problem is that I do have more female friends than male friends, but maybe I meet such a friend with benefits some day.

STAXUS: I’m sure there are a lot of other STAXUS boys who gladly be your friend with benefits. You’ve met some of the hottest ones already! What has been your favorite scene so far?

SIVAN: I like to watch my own videos, and yes, I have a favourite scene: It was the one with Charlie Keller. He was so gentle and showed me that I do not need to be afraid when cameras and other people are in the same room, watching you having sex. I loved his eyes, his body and his tasty fuckhole. Even after some months, I still like to wank to that movie.

STAXUS: He’s a great kisser too. A few of the other guys have commented on that before. If you had to pick only one guy you’ve filmed with for a best kisser award, who would it be?

SIVAN: Max Grey is a great kisser. I really enjoyed my time with him and he’s one of the best kissers I ever met.

STAXUS: We’re almost done, but there’s a couple more questions. On a personal side, is there anything outside of porn that you want to do?

SIVAN: I would like to climb a mountain. I admire those who can climb big rocks, just with their hands and feet. It must be an amazing moment when you reach the top and see with your own eyes what you reached.

STAXUS: That sounds adventurous! Last question now, is there a sexual fantasy you would love to live out and experience?

SIVAN: I would like to win a big race with my bike – and in the party after my victory I want to make a real mess with the guys! Maybe share a greedy bottom with my best friends, something like that! Haha Or some darkroom adventure would be great as well. There are still a lot of things I haven’t done yet, but I promised myself to live my life at the fullest!

I think we all agree that we would love to be up there on a winning podium with Sivan, sharing some fun with him and his friends!

Thanks for checking out his interview, and if you haven’t seen his videos yet I would definitely recommend clicking through and seeing everything he’s done so far.