Edge of Dispair: Locked & Submitted DVD

MDF. Locked & Submitted DVD

Homoactive.com have just released a new MyDirtiestFantasy DVD, Locked & Submitted, featuring Manuel Scalco and Dyson Asbury, directed by Timmy Treasure.

Dyson is a good sub who locks his cock in a chastity device and after he sends us the key. Manuel is the master who is responsible for unlocking him, and when he arrives to Dyson’s bed, after some kisses and touches the master wants more action and he urges Dyson to suck him off. The sub does whatever his master wants, and once Manuel is hard enough he rimms his ass before fucking him hard. The master pounds Dyson’s ass in different positions and soon he is blasting his load inside his ass. Once his balls are empty is the turn of Dyson to reach the orgasm and his master finally unlocks his cock to suck and jerk it off on the sofa. After Manuel places him on his chest and continues jerking him off, the lad explodes and cums all over his master’s hands.

Actors: Dyson Asbury, Manuel Scalco

Director: Timmy Tresure

Run time: 42 minutes

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