Edge of Dispair: Pain Training DVD

MDF. Pain Training DVD

Homoactive.com have just released a new MyDirtiestFantasy DVD, Pain Training, featuring Kaspar Hauser and Alexis Clark, directed by Timmy Treasure.

Kaspar Hauser is a good boy it seems, as he’s driven into the dungeon and inmediately drops down to his knees to start sucking off his master, Alexis, of course, it’s not going to all be prizes for this young boy. Alexis loves to show who’s in control of the situation by face-slapping this boy. This is of course before he gets a warm waxed treatment to his dick & balls, whilst these are in a anal connected cock ring. Before thinking this is a soft DVD, dont miss out on the second part where he’s tied to the St. Andrew cross for more torment, Nipples clamped, Balls crushed in a vice, and a hard whipping master is more than enough to get this young russian boy screaming! Alexis does have a soft side, as once he’s finished with the torture, he milks all the cum out of Kaspar.

Actors: Kasper Hauser, Alexis Clark

Director: Timmy Treasure

Run Time: 47 minutes

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