Edge of Dispair: Wrapped Tied Meat DVD

MDF. Wrapped tied meat DVD

Homoactive.com have just released a new MyDirtiestFantasy DVD, Wrapped Tied Meat, featuring Jasper Rhodes and Master Aaron, directed by Timmy Treasure.

This has surely crossed your mind at least once, the fantasy of being tied up in a factory and being used by an English Master. Jasper Rhodes deep down enjoys all the torment Master Aaron puts him through. CBT is the first meal of the day as his balls are trapped in a vice whilst being slapped and ran over by the 3 wheeled wartenberg wheel. But if you thought this torture was hot enough, just wait to see how he reacts to the gas fueled heater that’s pointed straight at his naked body.  Clearly by now anyone would be trying to escape and calling the police, but this pale-bodied twink endures more torture as he’s mummified and breath controlled on the table. All this before being moved to another area of the warehouse where he ends up being fucked and pissed on.

Actors: Jasper Rhodes, Master Aaron

Director: Timmy Treasure

Run Time: 47 minutes

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