Exclusive Interview With Gorgeous Hottie Max Grey!


Max Grey, greedy bottom and dark-haired cucumber-lover, fucked himself to number 1 (!!!) of the most popular STAXUS models, and in the process pushed such super-stars like Ray Mannix, Angel Lopez and yes, even Jaro Stone, off their thrones!

After his sex scene with Vittirio Vega, we had the chance to grab this hot cutie for an interview and he was more than happy to hear that fans like him so much. The handsome, quiet boy literally grew several inches, being so proud to hear you all like his work, and that you enjoy watching him living out his sexual desires. For some strange reason he was actually surprised to hear that haha!

So, if you want to learn more about your heartthrob, about his sexual preferences, his first time experience and his secret cravings, then read his interview and watch his videos afterwards on Staxus.com :)

Staxus: Hey Max, nice to meet you – and lovely to see you with just a towel around your hips! Haha

Max: Hey man, yep, just got out of the shower (broad smile on his face)

Staxus: So, you’ve just finished your scene with Vittirio and a green cucumber. Which did you prefer to have in your ass?

Max: Haha, I already heard that you are quite curious! All my partners I met here with Staxus were really nice, and I loved every scene. So, a natural cock feels of course better than a substitute, but when you have no partner, the substitute can feel great as well.

Staxus: I assume you have some substitutes at home…?

Max: Yes, some of my friends make fun of me because I store my sex toys in a cupboard in the living room. I have no problem with presenting them, but all who visit me for the first time look really sceptical at the board. Haha

Staxus: So, what toys do you present there?

Max: I have 11 dildos, several butt plugs, 2 double dongs and a whip.

Staxus: May I be honest? I thought you were one of those more quiet, almost shy guys. But now I am intrigued to hear you have a whip at home!

Max: Yes, well, you know. Quiet waters run deep.

Staxus: Do you prefer rough sex or soft sex?

Max: I like both, but on set I like it hard and deep. On a porn set you can get what you usually do not get, so I take my chances and suck what I can get!

Staxus: In normal life, how often do you have sex?

Max: Not as often as I would like to have! Haha Usually once a week, what is not bad. I do not fuck around with everybody, so once a week is okay. And for the days in between I have my toys.

Staxus: Did you ever have sex in a public place?

Max: Does the toilet of a gay disco count for a public place? Haha I was there with one of my boyfriends some months ago and all these drinks and boys made us quite horny… haha

Staxus: I can well imagine! Who wouldn’t be hory if he is together with you! Can you tell us about your first sex with a man? How was it?

Max: Yes, I can tell you. It was with a friend of mine at his house. We stayed outside on the terrace until late midnight, watched the stars. He went inside to get us a blanket and we snuggled into it.

His hand touched mine and so it all started. It was really romantic and a perfect first time.

Staxus: Are you still in contact with that special person?

Max: Yes, we still are best friends and occassionally have sex with each other. Now we are more experienced, but it’s still great with him!

Staxus: That’s wonderful, Max. I wish all young guys to have such a nice first time. Let’s change the subject. How do you start your day?

Max: With a good run. I like to run through the woods every second day, that keeps me fit.

Staxus: Is there anything you are itching to try in your life?

Max: I would like to do bungee jumping, but I haven’t had the courage up to now! Haha

Staxus: You are a big boy, I am sure you’ll make your dream come true some day. Thanks for you time, Max – and all the best for you!