Featured Scene: Hunky Gestapo officer


Although the guys in this Staxus scene are immense, and the action is undeniably hot, I do have to question the decision to have a WW2 Nazi themed porn video! lol

I think the best thing to do is to just ignore that aspect of it, because whatever peoples opinions are, I don’t think it’s a very good idea to make light of it in any way, not even in porn. Does that make sense? I don’t think I’m the only one who would be a little turned off if the story was about that, and that might actually be why the scene has no votes at all on the site.

But, when you ignore that rather silly side of it, the action in this gay muscle gang bang is seriously hot, and all the guys are so amazing to watch in this one that you can kind of ignore the whole story behind it.

Kamil Fox, Tom Nowy, Eric Flover, Erick Tell and Robert Driveman make an excellent cast for this, because they make a great combination for a muscle fuck scene with plenty of European jock cock to share between them all.

  • There’s no twink dick in sight, just masses of muscle, hard uncut cock and loads of butt fucking and cock sucking, and plenty of thick and creamy loads too.
  • If you want to watch this muscle gang bang without feeling a little off by the story, you can, just skip ahead a couple of minutes and pretty soon all the guys are naked and sharing their meat with each other ;)
  • A gang fuck with so much uncut muscle dick being shared ends with loads of hot cum! (1)A gang fuck with so much uncut muscle dick being shared ends with loads of hot cum! (2)A gang fuck with so much uncut muscle dick being shared ends with loads of hot cum! (3)A gang fuck with so much uncut muscle dick being shared ends with loads of hot cum! (4)


  1. Why wasn’t this clip left buried in Staxus’ video archives!! So inappropriate!! What a bonehead decision to publicize this clip! I hope you receive all kinds of flak over this!

    • If you’ve read through the description you’ll see my thoughts on this.

      Having said that, would you rather we just ignore anything that might possibly upset or possibly offend anyone at all and never mention it again?

      If you think that, then perhaps you should comply with the wishes of all right wing Christians and support the end of porn in its entirety?

      All art and media is intended to cause a response, sometimes the response is favorable, sometimes it isn’t. Making a porn video with this kind of story is not going to change history, and neither is adding it to the blog.

      I understand your thoughts on this, I really do. But I think you are most certainly overreacting.

      • I indeed read the whole description! If anyone is overreacting, it is yourself! And your over-generalizations! The description was totally hypocritical. There was no need to use the words “Nazi” or “Gestapo”! “Making a porn video with this kind of story is not going to change history…” Very true, but it cannot make a mockery of that history. The horrendous treatment of gays by the Nazis and the Gestapo in concentration camps cannot be brushed off as insignificant or inconvenient.

        • I am with GayPornReviewer on this one. It is bad taste and offense to use the word ‘Gestapo’ in a title or description of a gay porn scene. This has nothing to do with free speech at all.

  2. ´

    As a convinced Socialist I say that:

    It is not forbidden to use Nazi-Themes and words like ‘Gestapo & Co.’ in film titles; not in porn movies, not in major motion pictures.

    We have to respect the artistic freedom of the producers & directors.

    Remember for example the controversial yet successful Ilsa trilogy from the seventies in the cinemas worldwide:


    There will always be some crying moralizers & Babbits complaining. But they are not always representing a majority.

    And, once again, the heavy use of exclamation marks in a comment are no substitute for arguments – it’s quite the contrary: that disqualifies every writer….


    • I think there is an important point being missed in this discussion. I have every dvd that Staxus/Eurocreme has ever released — my database lists several thousand scenes by dvd and performer. So I questioned, “Why this particular scene?” But Tommy having decided to highlight this scene, why use the hot-button words “Nazi” and “Gestapo”? Do they add anything to the scene — to the sex? I would have hoped that Staxus had higher standards.

      I never said anything about banning the scene. I said it should be left “buried in Staxus’ video archives.” I have risked my life to defend freedom of speech — in all it’s forms. As a gay man, as a survivor of state persecution and “The Plague,” and as a historian of gay studies, I am offended by the off-handed use of the words “Nazi” and “Gestapo” — I have not asked anyone else to be offended. We all live our own life histories and moral realities. To understand my anger, search of Internet for “gays,” “Nazis,” and “concentration camps.” . . . [L]eading scholar Ruediger Lautman believes that the death rate of homosexuals in concentration camps may have been as high as 60%. Homosexuals in the camps were treated in an unusually cruel manner by their captors.”

      By calling people “crying moralizers” and complaining Babbits, shows the paucity and lameness of Mozki’s arguments. The Socialists I know are smart and intelligent — but there are always exceptions to the rule. As an expert in English punctuation, Kotzki worries about my excessive use of exclamatory punctuation — Diese Ausrufezeichen sind für Sie da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I did not name the scene, this is the existing title of the scene in the Staxus archives.

        In addition, as I have already said that I understand the potential disagreement and discussion, I made that clear in the post.

        No one is making light of anything, in any way. This is language, this is media, and this is art. While it is going to cause debate and discussion, we should not be picking and choosing which words are and are not acceptable. The word “fuck” might cause incredible outrage to some, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world should shut up and stop using it. The same logic can be applied to any word.

        You seem to be offended that anyone would dare to use such language, while coming across as an intelligent and scholarly individual. Real scholars understand that the use of a word does not mean support of the associated realities we may attach to that word.

        What has changed by adding this post? What has changed by adding this scene to the blog instead of never mentioning it and pretending it doesn’t exist? Nothing changes.

        Please do not assume that because some disagree with your attitude to this post that we are all somehow uneducated about the history of Europe. I have studied many things, including the psychology of Hitler, the events of WW2, the French Resistance and the rise of Communism.

        And having learned what I learned, I know that a scene on an adult site changes nothing. Just as the creation of the comedy series “Allo Allo” by the BBC did nothing to change what happened or cause offence to generations of people directly affected.

        Tell me, would you have all mentions of such erased from cinema and TV too? What is acceptable in your opinion? A comedy series like “Allo Allo”, or only historically accurate drama?

        I fear that with attitudes like this we are stepping towards “book burning” attitudes where some are never allowed to speak words which may offend another. As a proponent of rights and freedoms, surely you see the hypocrisy of this?

        Thanks for the discussion, it’s an interesting one.

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    Well, dear Mr. ‘Gaypornreviewer’, we had once a discussion over the works of the dead Cobra boss Bryan Kocis and other things in the George Basten Yahoo group.

    You often use an aramada of exclamation marks instead of arguments in your posts. That’s a fact.

    And you act regularly as a moralizer & flagship Babbitt in gayporn communities worldwide.
    That’s also a fact.

    Just accept it, darling. A leopard cannot change its spots….


  4. I’m now ending comments on this post, I think both sides of the debate have been heard, and nothing is changed by continuing this discussion. Thank you for participating to a lively debate, something I really didn’t expect from this post.

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