Staxus. Uniformed Cock Sluts Sc.3

If you are bored having sex with your sexual partner (or partners) only inside the house, don’t worry! Our boys show you other sites to let go by the passion.  

Water places

Water is a very sexy element when we talk about sex. It’s always a good view to see your partner’s naked body wet. Yes, you can see him in the shower, but the thing is getting out of home. So, we recommend you have sex in or next to a pool, river or at sea. Wherever you prefer. But always looking for privacy!

Sucker! Fucker! Sc.2
Staxus Classic: Body Heat Sc.1

In nature

If you love more the natural places without water, the best options are a park, a forest and in a  field. You can take a camping trip and just let be carried away by nature.

Abducted and Used Sc.1
Uniformed Cock Sluts Sc.2
Uniformed Cock Sluts Sc.4

In unusual sites…

If you are an adventurous boy and you have access to certain places without being asked too many questions, we bring you some examples, in where our sexy boys can’t hold their excitement, to give you ideas to have sex in unusual sites.

In a tank or a submarine

We suppose that these places are most reachable to military cadettes, that can make a secret night visit to explore the space and “explore” each other bodies.

Abandoned places

A house, a factory, a building… In or around, at day or at night. You choose! But make sure that it’s abandoned.

Whilst climbing

This is only for reckless boys who like to go climbing and have sex. So, why not to do both at the same time? In some mountains there are caves or outgoings bigger enough to fit two people or even more. But don’t forget to go completely prepared and always go with caution.

In a plane or on a boat

Who doesn’t image to do it in a plane? There is maybe one of the most sexual dream that we all have, so if you have the opportunity, don’t mind twice!

Well…  Maybe you are that kind of guy that prefers the sea rather than the Mile-high club. It’s nice too because the boat rocking is an added incentive.

In a tractor

We have ideas for all tastes, and it couldn’t miss this one. If you love the field and even got a tractor, or you know someone to have it, what are you waiting for? It’s a different experience!

Uniformed Cock Sluts Sc.3
Bare Buff Builders Sc.4
Raw Builders Sc.1

In the gym or in the sauna

The places where the heat is the protagonist, should be an erotic site. When you are in the gym, your body is full of energy and there are a lot of sexy sweaty boys that are surely as horny as you. The same happens with a sauna. The heat, the vapours and the half-naked bodies makes the excitement reaches a higher level.

Sweaty Cum Sluts Sc.1 Part 1
Sweaty and Covered in Delicious Spunk

Only to dare people!

These maybe are the most typical places to do it out of home if you are a really daring person, but it confers you the good feeling to be a naughty bad boy. You can look for privacy or not. You make your own limits.

In an elevator

Nowadays is difficult to find an elevator that we can stop without make any problem. If you are in the position of a that kind of elevator, why don´t you just try it? If not, you always can play a little in the short journey that serves to you like preliminaries.

In a car or motorbike

The car is the second place that you think in do it after your house, most even if you live with your parents or you have strict roommates. It’s ideal when you are out, and the libido goes up quickly. But if you have a motorbike, even better. The motorbike is probably the sexiest vehicle ever! So, we advise you to do it on your motorbike in a garage or in an abandoned field.

In a public bathroom

Maybe you are on a date in a disco or a coffeeshop and both of you are so damn horny that you can’t resist to do it. The restroom is the best option, but you have the risk to be discovered.

In the office

Who isn’t fantasized to do it in the office? Maybe with a co-worker or even your own boss! If you have the opportunity, just take it!

Our boys know what we are talking about!

Staxus Classic: Bareback Street Gang Sc.1
Staxus Classic: Bare Reunion Sc.2
Hung Jury Sc.4

Do you dare?

Tell us the most curious places where you’ve practiced sex!