Have You Ever Thought About Being A Performer


I don’t think I have ever talked about this on the Staxus blog before, but after a conversation with a friend today about him looking into becoming a performer I realized that it would make an excellent post on the blog and that some of you might be interested in being a star yourself!

I don’t think I personally have what it takes to be honest, but if I did you can bet your right nut I would be applying to try out and get myself in front of the cameras with some of these gorgeous guys ;)

Even without being paid for it, I would love the chance to get it on with some of these boys, and I guess there are a lot of you out there who would too, right? I’ve tried to imagine what it would be like to be paid to have sex on camera, but even though I know I would probably be a little nervous about it, I think the excitement of being with some of these guys might be overwhelming lol

If you’ve ever thought about it yourself, you should check out the model application page and apply. There’s quite a lot of information on there but I’m sure that if you have any other questions the guys would be happy to tell you what you need to know.