Hell Hour: Dungeon Bound DVD

MDF. Dungeon Bound DVD

Homoactive.com have just released a new MyDirtiestFantasy DVD, Dungeon Bound, featuring James Oakleigh and Master Aaron, directed by Timmy Treasure.

James is going to have a terrific time in Master Aaron’s dungeon where the brutal punishment begins. Tied and naked on the metal stairs, his captor doesn’t doubt to whip him in his most erogenous areas of his body. Then poor James is given a more advanced torture, starting off with some CBT then some humiliation which is given pissing inside his ass and on his chest. Not satisfied with that, the master ties the boy to the Saint Andrews Cross and puts around his body, especially around his cock, pegs attached by a thin string, which he doesn’t doubt to remove slowly while he screams in agonizing pain. To finish, Aaron chains James to the metal railing where tortures his feet with tickles and hot wax. Far from being pain, the boy is in a constant state of climax.

Actors: James Oakleigh, Master Aaron

Director: Timmy Treasure

Run Time: 54 minutes

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