New DVD on Homoactive, Electrified Agony have just released a new MyDirtiestFantasy DVD, Electrified Agony, featuring Casper Ellis and Master Aaron, directed by Timmy Treasure.

Casper Ellis is technically the ideal sub for any master, this time the master is Master Aaron, Starting as a human toilet at the beginning and moving on to be more of a bound electro slave as his cock, balls and ass are connected up to a electroshock machine. Most definitely there is some Electrified Agony involved in this DVD! But that’s not all, in the second part he’s suspended, whipped and heated by some flogging and wax plax, before begging Master Aaron to throat fuck him, that is all before giving his ass a try.

Actors: Master Aaron, Casper Ellis
Director: Timmy Treasure
Run Time:69 minutes

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