Hell Hour: The Beginner DVD

MDF. The Beginner DVD

Homoactive.com have just released a new MyDirtiestFantasy DVD, The Beginner, featuring AJ Alexander and Jasper Rhodes, directed by Timmy Treasure.

The expert Dom AJ has captive innocent Japer in his dungeon. His arms and neck are tied and he just only do what AJ orders him to do so. He’s abused, whipped and even gets hot wax poured over the most erogenous areas of his body. All this whilst AJ is doing what he wants with him and with his ass. Far from having a bad time, the not-so-innocent Jasper now desperately wants to be fucked, and in the end he gets the more pleasure than he expected to feel when his captor ties him to the Saint Andrews Cross.

Actors: AJ Alexander, Jasper Rhodes

Director: Timmy Tresure

Run time: 77 minutes

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