How to give the best annilingus or black Kiss

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Before you start…

The ass is a sensible area in our bodies and it has a lot of nerve endings, so this practice can give your partner a lot of pleasure. But for both of you to have a good experience, before you have to consider some important things:

  • The area must be clean.

As per usual, it’s preferible that you and your partner are clean, the bottom should douche, and who knows! Take a sensual shower together to get the flow going!

  • Shave your ass?

If you and your boy don’t mind the hair in that area, it’s okey, but shaving the area improves the experience for both of you.

  • Always with protection.

If you have confidence with your sexual partner and both of you are healthy, you don’t need to worry about protection, but if not, we recommend you to use a preservative or some tongue protection.

The importance of posture

To enjoy this practice is important to be relaxed and comfortable for both parts. The bottom can be laid on the bed with his legs up or with the doggy posture. The thing to reach is that the hole will be as opened as possible.

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Tongue: the essential

Use your mouth (avoid biting unless you and your partner like it) but above all, use your tongue. The wetness of the tongue is a natural lubricant and makes the sensation softer and more pleasurable. Here are some tips to use your tongue down there:

  • Lick in an up and down movement.
  • Make circles around his hole.
  • Introduce your tongue inside his ass and make circles too.
  • Kiss the area as if it were his mouth.
  • You can start with a blowjob and bring your tongue to his ass slowly.
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Use your hands

While you’re giving a black kiss, maybe you don’t know what to do with your hands. Well, you can help with the hands to keep opened your partner’s hole or touch other parts of his body, like his balls and cock. To the bottom this would increase the pleasure.

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Why give a black kiss?

This practice is the best way to relax the ass and prepare it to the penetration. We advise you to give it before putting in your cock, fist or dildo inside your partner’s butt. It’s the best preliminary to enjoy a good sexual experience. Just try it!

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