Interview with Milan Silver – directly before he fucked sexy Ron Negaba!


This hot, young man is one of those horny fuckers who decide to show off in some porn flick, then take some break until their urge of cock and cum is just overwhelming and  then cum back for another round of bareback gay love making!

Just recently, Milan Silver came back to dip his aching cock back into some greedy ass and I’m sure we all enjoyed watching him and adorable Ron Negba having fun in the pool and on the couch!

I’m really glad that Milan agreed to answer some questions before the shooting took place (Ron still needed a bit time to prepare himself in the bathroom), so let’s have a look at all those filthy details Milan was happy to share with us:

Staxus: Hey Milan, great to have you back! May I be so blunt to ask you what brings you back after some months of porn break?

Milan: I was contacted and on phone they told me they have someone very special who I could work with. They needed a good top for that special guy and I feel quite honored that they called me!

Staxus: Well, you definitely are an excellent top. In your four movies for STAXUS you always topped hot boys, once you even had a threesome. But we never saw you bottoming. Will that change?

Milan: haha, no I don’t think so. I’ve tried it once with a good friend of mine, but I noticed very soon that I don’t get as much pleasure out of it compared to topping.

Staxus: I know this will be an odd question, but what do you like about sex? What’s fascinating or arousing you sexually?

Milan: I like the feeling to stick in some other person’s body. For me it is a mental thing as well, it’s not just the physical stimulation. I like to be in another guy’s arse and imagine how my cock sticks deep in that hole. That’s why I wouldn’t like to fuck armpits or other body parts, I need to be in another guy’s hole.

Staxus: So when you have sex, do you prefer early morning or late night sex?

Milan: I like to get up early in summer, so for the next couple of months you can grab me early in the morning.

Staxus: Do you prefer rough sex or soft sex?

Milan: I like both. I also like to use handcuffs, does that count for rough sex?

Staxus: Haha, depends on how you use them! Is there something that will never fail to get you horny?

Milan: Guys in shorts. I love guys in shorts and I like to sit in the park in summer, to watch handsome joggers passing by and to imagine what nice cocks they might have swinging in their shorts.

Staxus: So, when you like to be outside, did you ever have sex in a public place?

Milan: Not really, but something similar… In hindsight it was no good idea, but you know, when you get horny and you think noone’s around…

Staxus: Come on, tell us more, please! We want to know!

Milan: Okay, but again, I am not proud. Me and three very good friends had our weekly tennis match in a hall.  To make the game a bit more funny, we agreed to put off some clothings each time we loose a round. So in the end we just stood there with socks and underwear which we put aside as well and played naked. It was evening, so noone else was there.

Staxus: And where’s the problem now…?

Milan: Problem was that we noticed at the end of our evening some drops on the floor… Probably some precum and most likely most from my cock, I have to admit, but we just didn’t care and didn’t clean up. So we left the hall, took a shower and went home. Surely someone must have seen all those drops and stains and surely wondered what it is…

Staxus: haha, well, hmmmm, haha, not sure what to say now…

Milan: Yeah, haha, I told you I’m not really proud. But it’s still good for a laugh with my buddies.

Staxus: So do you have any fetishes or special kinks – other than playing tennis without clothes?

Milan: I have a thing for cute bottoms and I also have some leather stuff at home. I like the feeling of leather on my skin.

Staxus: Oh, I am sure you look great in a black leather shirt or leather trousers!

Milan: Well, maybe I get the chance to show it in a future movie.

Staxus: Yes, we would like to see it! Do you have a favourite underwear?

Milan: I like shorts and jockstraps. Shorts for private life, jockstraps in porn movies. I like the feeling of the cloth of your trousers on your bare arse.

Staxus: Okay, I think Ron needs your attention now. May I ask what you are looking forward to do with him? Something special?

Milan: I look forward to tasting his hole. I love boy holes, and I heard that his hole is a great one. Besides, Ron said I could breed him if I want, so I think I will take my chance!

Staxus: Oh yes, that would be awesome! Please do that! Many thanks for your time, Milan – and have fun with Ron!

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