Introducing … River Wilson!


We know there’s a lot of STAXUS fans who enjoy a little bit of colour in their lives – and if you’re one of those guys then you’re most definitely in for one hell of a treat this coming weekend, thanks to the arrival of horny newcomer, River Wilson.

To be fair, River’s different to most of the twinks who arrive through our doors in a variety of ways. To begin with, of course, he’s black – that much is pretty fucking obvious! But he’s also from Montreal, and has actually done a little bit of more mainstream acting – something that we feel you can really sense when you see him in front of the camera!

What’s more, unlike a good many other black lads that we’ve enjoyed over the years here at STAXUS, River seems as comfortable taking cock as he does giving it – something we sense will only add to his worth in the eyes of fellow models and fans alike.

We’ve no doubt in our minds that this handsome stud is gonna be a major hit – and the good news is that you only have 48 hours to wait until you can watch him in action, banging the living daylights out of studio stalwart, Jake Stark. Suffice it to say that the horny little white boy loves every fucking moment of the ass-stretching experience!

Log onto this Sunday to enjoy the whole encounter for yourself!