Joshua Levy and Alex Davidoff are gonna get it on!


Yes, I’ve been hearing and seeing some great things from the Staxus HQ recently, and I just had to share this little teaser with you guys when I got some pics for this upcoming release.

I don’t have a title for this yet (actually, I do, but it’s provisional so we’re not giving it out yet :) ) but regardless of the title or the theme of this John Smith action the boys appearing together should be enough to have you all wanking it and wanting more!

You recognize Joshua Levy of course, the cute and hung boy with the eyes that just scream “I’m gonna fuck you until your balls ache!” and he’s joined by handsome and fit new guy Alex Davidoff, himself pretty well hung too!

Having seen a little of what we can expect from these two gorgeous boys I can already say with some confidence that you’re all gonna be wanting to watch it more than just a few times. Then again, I don’t think there’s a video on the Staxus site that hasn’t been viewed multiple times by the same eager fans :)

Stick around on the blog and stay tuned for more from this pairing, I know you’re all gonna love it.