New Scene on Staxus: Keller Takes Every Curved Inch To A Mega-Blast Spunky Climax! HD


Happy Thursday guys! I know we have readers from all around the world here, and I’m guessing a lot of you are in Europe, and you’re probably enjoying some snow right now too. Or, maybe you’re not enjoying it, maybe it’s a pain in the ass? Let me know in the comments what it’s like where you are.

So, we’re at the start of March already and I can hardly believe it. Before we know what’s happening it’ll be ninety degrees outside and we’ll all be surfing on our laptops in the garden while sipping down a Mai Tai. We’ve had a lot of great scenes during February, but I think the Refugee videos have been the most popular. We have one more to enjoy, but if you need to catch up with the videos then I definitely recommend going back to watch all the scenes we’ve had in this story already.

We’re reaching the end of the drama as young Lior Hod finds his way to Charlie Keller, interrupting his prayers and threatening revenge for the murder of his lover. Just when it seems the young man might finally be able to strike a blow for his side, Charlie disarms him with charm and regret, suggesting they run away together and leave the war behind them.

Okay, so it’s not exactly plausible, but the resulting encounter these two handsome young stars enjoy to solidify their arrangement is what we’re really here for. Although Lior seems pretty distraught at the start of this encounter, he’s not exactly reluctant to give up his cock, sucking on Charlie’s big dick and rimming out his tight hole, sinking his naked shaft into the guy and fucking him right there on the bench.

Charlie gets it good from the invader, taking it doggy style and on his front, finally riding that naked cock and getting his warm cream fucked out of him before he gets a tasty treat from young Lior to finally finish their encounter.

It seems everything is forgiven by the time the scene comes to an and, and while that might not be entirely realistic or even the slightest bit plausible, I guess it’s a nicer ending than I would have delivered. Yes, I totally would have finished it with Lior getting his revenge and killing Charlie after fucking him! lol

Enjoy some of the pics and make sure you go and check out the video. It’s been a great series of videos and I think a lot of the fans have really been enjoying it. I’m already hearing rumors about another elaborate movie coming out in the summer and I can’t wait to see the start of that.