Model Focus: Alejandro Alvarez


We’re about to see his very first scene on the Staxus site, and you need to stick around to check out some of the pics (they’ll be arriving very shortly!) in the meantime I need to tell you guys a little more about this handsome hottie!

His name is Alejandro Alvarez, and he’s an incredibly hot and incredibly horny Portuguese stallion who loves to fuck. He’s one of those guys you can’t really pin down when you ask him what he likes – as long as it involves his dick, he’s into it.

He’s an experimental type of guy, having tried so many things already there’s probably not much we could get him into that he’s not already done. He loves all kinds of guys but prefers either young twinky dudes or hunky muscle men, it all depends what’s on offer I guess!

I’ve seen him in action and I think you guys are going to love him, especially that rock hard uncut cock of his, a straight and narrow length ready to slide up a willing ass and prod some prostate!

As I mentioned we already have one fourgy video about to arrive with this handsome man getting some hole with some of his friends, and there’s another video planned for next month too. Stick around to see more from this handsome dude!