Model Focus: Brad Fitt


Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was a fantabulous one (I know that’s not a word, but I want to make it one). I had a pretty good weekend, although the weather was a bit of a downer. Finally the snow is disappearing and the sun has been out today, I actually got the chance to walk the dog without risking falling on my ass!

So, how do we start a brand new week on the STAXUS blog? I think it’s about time we checked out one of our hottest performers and gave a fan fave the spotlight.

That description could apply to plenty of the boys we’ve seen in the past and all the guys we currently enjoy, but I’ve picked out the adorable young Brad Fitt for this Model Focus and I think a lot of you will agree that it’s needed.

You might know of him already, you probably should. If not, then you’re in for a treat and I can guarantee that you’ll be spending a lot of your time today checking out his many videos.

The blond stunner arrived way back in January of 2012, and immediately he gained a dedicated following of fans who wanted to see him pretty much every week. That wasn’t too hard a task, he was down for making as many videos as possible, with as many gorgeous boys as we could throw in his direction. And, honestly, that wasn’t difficult either, all the boys wanted to work with him.

It was understandable, the Slovakian boy had an incredibly greedy ass and a 7.5″ uncut cock that rarely got soft for more than ten minutes at a time, or at least that’s how it seemed to me.

He was an exclusive to STAXUS for a long time, bringing in a lot of new members who loved everything he appeared in. He was amazing to watch, a natural performer and one of those boys who would just turn up on set whenever he had time, just to hang out with the crew and maybe meet some new boys he would get the chance to work with in the future.


He was actually more than just a performer for us, he did some great blogging back in the day and his involvement in directing was noticed. Although he never overstepped his role he was always coming up with new ideas for a video and they would often make it into a scene. He was one of those boys who wasn’t scared to say something to the director and offer a new way of doing something, maybe adding something to the story or changing position for a better shot.

Although he last filmed with us back in August of 2014 he eventually made 37 videos for our members and fans and they’re still among the highest rated and some of them still get hundreds of views every week. It’s understandable when you see this boy in action with his scene partners, he was amazing to watch and I find myself going back to enjoy some of his videos regularly.

Check out some pics of some of his best videos and click through any of them to see all the action. Or, you might just want to go and check out his model page on the site and get a good look at everything he appeared in. :)