Model Focus: Carl Bodman


I think it’s only right that we make this new Model Focus post all about the handsome and buff new arrival Carl Bodman. I can predict that this gorgeous young man is going to get a lot of fans following him after his very first video on the site, in a flip-flop fuck with Sven Laarson (post coming very soon!)

So what can I tell you about him? I can say that this gorgeous Czech hottie is a versatile guy who wanted to try porn for the first time and came to Staxus having seen a few of the videos on the site and enjoying the look of some of the guys. He’s into sporty boys and twinks with big dicks, so he’s in the right place!

I can also tell you that he used to be a bit of a troublemaker in his early teenage years. He was the one always being a bit of a rebel, skipping school and hanging out with the wrong crowd. I can understand that though, I remember skipping school to watch porn with a mate of mine and wanking ourselves off over it several times a week. Which would you rather do? lol

He’s been in one video that’s been getting some great votes already, but there’s more to some with this horny young man. He’s a great natural performer and loves every second of being on camera, so you can expect a lot more in the future.