Model Focus: Carl Ross


Happy Monday guys! I hope your weekend was good. Mine was pretty interesting, I hooked up with a guy I used to fool around with and discovered that he’s become a buff little hunk with an awesome body. We had a good time on Sunday night :)

That might be the reason why I decided to check out some of the videos with Carl Ross this morning and give you a Model Focus post all about this sexy young hunk. To be honest, he was on my list of STAXUS boys to write about this month, but I think meeting up with my friend again definitely pushed him to the top.

So, if you haven’t see the videos this blond stunner appeared in then you’ve been missing out. From the moment this Czech boy arrived back in October 2014 he had a lot of fans demanding more from him. Sure, he’s not the slim and twinky young guy the members were used to seeing, but teaming him up with some of those incredibly sexy young guys definitely created an amazing contrast that had more than a few of the fans craving more of him.

He started his career with us by swapping cocks with hung young Mike James in his debut, taking turns to slide into each other and working their way up to a creamy splashing finish that had us all joining in with them. He was soon back again for more, getting his freak on with some of the hottest stars of the time.

This might be a little unexpected, but he wasn’t very experienced with other boys when he started making videos. He’d apparently had some wanking and sucking experience with other friends, but he was very new to anal. When he first started out and knew that he would need to learn a few more things about sharing dick with other guys he enlisted the help of an older friend of his from the gym, and before long he was enjoying fucking other guys and riding dicks too.

In total the young hunk appeared in nine videos for us, being a great versatile performer and having a whole lot of fun with the other guys, before moving on to other things in May of 2015.

From what I heard, when he eventually left he was starting out in business with a friend of his, something in the world of fitness. I guess it must be going well, but we’d gladly have him back if he wanted to explore some more.

If you haven’t seen his videos then you really should click through and take a look at his profile. I’ve picked out some of the best shots of him from some of his most popular videos, so click on each to go right to it and hit play!