Model Focus: Nothing’s small on Adrian Smallwood!


Some model names might hit the mark, whilst others might lead to confusion. Adrian Smallwood‘s stage name is a good example to illustrate that you should always check out model pics, and not just rely on model names alone!

I assume that “Smallwood” is an amalgamation of the “small” and “morning wood”, but trust me – and trust your own eyes! – nothing’s small about Adrian’s morning wood!

Indeed, he’s really well equipped where it counts; and proved his qualities as a top in various scenes by fucking several cute boys like Sven Laarson and Oscar Roberts.

In his scene with Oscar, he also tried to force his big fist into the bottom’s well-fucked hole, and stretched the boy’s fuckhole to the literal max; before covering it side by side with his fuck buddy Benjamin Dunn in hot cum! If you can’t remember this hot & horny fuck, make sure you click through to the vid and enjoy that splendid fuck once again!

Being totally versatile, and enjoying both deep penetrations and stuffing his bare cock in some wet mouth and greedy arse, he clearly demonstrates all the joys a gay man can have – and if you search for a great desktop wallpaper or something horny to hang over your bed, Adrian has something for you:

When I joined STAXUS some years ago, I totally fell in love with this pic:

Adrian, spreading his legs, giving his lover full access to his love hole, enjoying the intense feeling of an adventurous tongue on and in your butt…
That pic hung in my bedroom and was a good inspiration for some of those guys I had fun with there! ;)

Besides his gorgeous twink body and his tasty arse, Adrian’s most attractive feature was his smile. On almost every pic you see of him, he’s beaming out with that heart-warming, broad smile of his that makes your hands wander down between your legs, and lets you start working on your swelling dick to spew in appreciation of his great perfomances on screen!

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