Model Focus: Pyotr Tomek


Good-looking boys with sexy bodies, tight little butt holes and hard, eager cocks, that’s what we do here at STAXUS. Then again, you probably know that already! If you’ve been here for more than a few minutes you likely know that we get to enjoy some of the most delicious young guys in some of the hottest bareback gay porn ever produced and we have something for absolutely everyone.

Even though we’re always seeing new boys arriving on the site and starting off their career with us in some great videos, we have a lot of amazing boys from the past who deserve your attention, one of those boys is Pyotr Tomek.

This handsome young man started out with us back in March 2015 in a great session with handsome boy Will Hornet, riding his dick and getting the cream fucked out of him. That debut appearance got a lot of attention from the fans and it was pretty obvious that the members wanted to see more of him. It’s easy to get a feel for a new boy just from the clicks and the views a new scene gets, and that first one with him must have been one of the most popular scenes that month.

It’s easy to see why, the dark and sexy Czech boy had a whole lot to offer and his perfect mix of sporty hotness with twinky, cute features had plenty of the fans wanking along to the show.

Apparently it wasn’t just the fans who wanted more. When his first video appeared a lot of the other performers were putting their names into the hat to appear with him in a future scene. Some of them were lucky enough to get that opportunity and he ultimately appeared in a total of 11 scenes for us before moving on to other things.

I know there are quite a few people reading this who haven’t seen all of his videos, and while I’m not gonna add pics for every one of them in this post you really do need to go and see them all. Whether the versatile boy was getting his pucker stuffed with bare cock or sliding his own naked dick into another guy, every scene he appeared in offers something worth watching.

Check out his profile page on the site and work your way through his scenes, or click through each pic below that I’ve selected as being the best (in my opinion). Leave a comment too if you have a fave scene he appeared in!