Model Focus: Ryan Torres


He’s only been in one video, and has another arriving tomorrow, but already young Czech performer Ryan Torres has plenty of the members drooling and wanting a whole lot more!

I have a little but to tell you about this guy, and I think it’s going to have a lot of you even more enamored with the guy.

He’s currently a student, studying Politics. He apparently decided to try out for porn because he really needed a little extra money to make his studies easier, and we certainly applaud him for his dedication to his education. I remember being a student and trying to survive on cheap noodles – and the generosity of teachers supplying me with art materials – and it wasn’t easy even with that help!

Something you might not know is that Ryan is straight off-camera. I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way a boy can gobble cock the way he does and be entirely straight… well, he is apparently, but I’m thinking he might have discovered something of a more curious side to him since he tasted his first dick :)

He’s more than willing to go all the way too, obviously. He’s been fucked already, and he’s about to get another cock in his ass with Shane in the new scene coming tomorrow.

Regardless, gay or straight (or cock-curious) he’s a stunning young man with a great body and a gorgeous boner, long may he be sharing that ass with the boys and making some excellent videos for us all to enjoy.

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