Model Focus: Shane Hirch


I spent some time this afternoon enjoying some of the videos on the Staxus site and thinking about which of the hot and horny boys I’d share with you guys on the blog this evening for the new Model Focus post, I knew Shane Hirch would be a very popular choice! ;)

This stunning young man is utterly gorgeous, in every way. Not only is he handsome and a great performer, he has a great athletic build of a boy on the cusp of transitioning from twink to jock. I know I’m not the only one who loves boys like that.

He’s been in a lot of great scenes over the last few weeks and that’s led to him becoming a very popular performer. I don’t think there’s any member on the site who doesn’t want to see more of this boy in coming scenes (I’m reliably told there’s a lot more to come!)

You might not know it but this boy is a tennis player and a big fan of the game, which is good considering we’ve had so many scenes in that theme over the last couple of months.

He’s also an avid gym-goer, but then I guess that’s obvious from his sexy defined body.

No doubt one of the most important things to mention is this boys penchant for both topping and bottoming. He makes a great top too, as you’ve no doubt seen in his most recent video. When you get the chance to see him bottom make sure you take it!