Model Focus: Those new boys will surely become your favourites!


As you know, “Model Focus” posts usually present the most gorgeous boys who became our all-time favourites. However, variety being the spice of life, I thought it might be a good idea to make a little exception; and instead of presenting you with some of the boys of the past we all know so well, give you a taste of some of the many, many handsome and interesting young lads we will soon get to see on

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Let’s start with a really lovely looking young pup, sitting at a table and smiling like you only can when you just got fucked :D

The reason why I chose to present him is that he’s a perfect twink, he loves to bottom AND he has a really big dick! I was literally shocked when I saw the boy’s hard-on for the very first time, because it was just so unbelievably long and the lad is so twinky and smooth!

If that boy doesn’t get your juices flowing, then maybe more of our adorable walking six-pack Jarde? This boy really made a tremendous impact with this first arrival on – and not just because of his stunning body and his highly fascinating eight-pack!

You just have to see it – so check out his eight-pack here and his scenes on!

Last, but not least, I have this brand new red-head for you who I discovered in one of the videos which will be released in April. He obviously likes to get his arse stuffed, given that he rides a lovely dildo… and maybe we get to see him riding a nice, uncut dick as well, who knows?

Let me know your thoughts and enjoy your free day if you have one! :)