Model Focus: Tim Law


Adorable, fit, with a great uncut cock and one of the hottest little butts, this boy was one of the best right from the moment he started out back in 2012. I’m talking about Tim Law, easily one of the most loved and lusted after boys we have ever had on the STAXUS site. If you don’t believe me about his talents and the adoration fans had for him during his time with us, you need to read this post and check out some of the videos he’s appeared in.

He really shouldn’t need that much of an introduction, considering he’s still a fan fave even today. When new members arrive and start going through the previous videos in a frenzy of dick lust (who hasn’t been there?) Tim is one of those stars who gets a whole lot attention.

It’s entirely justified, too. He’s a gorgeous boy, so cute, but devilish. He’s got a kinky little glint in his eye that just screams “come and give me that cock!” In fact, I’m sure he’s said those very words more than a few times.

He was making videos with us and having a whole lot of fun from 2012 up until 2015, but although we haven’t seen him in front of the cameras for a while now you should never think it’s entirely over. You never know when a boy might come back to share his cock again. I don’t think I’m the only one hoping that happens with this boy.

No doubt his fans know a lot about him already, but if you’re a little out of the loop on this boy then let me tell you some juicy details that you might not know.

The Slovakian twink boy was actually a boxer when he was filming for us, and more than a few times he came straight t the studio after sparring with a friend in the ring for a couple of hours. It used to get him so worked up he had to try so hard not to have a wank in the showers at the gym before coming to shoot a video, but when he got here and got started with his scene partner his pent-up lust to cum just made his performances even more electric.

His videos were always amazing, he gained a reputation pretty quickly for being the kind of boy you could throw into a group of guys and he would be bouncing from dick to dick getting as much as he could. You won’t be surprised to know that his tight little boxer butt hole got plenty of dick during his time with us and some of the double penetration scenes he appeared in are still rated as the best by many fans.

We’re not sure what the cute young man is up to these days, but from what I heard he’s a big and buff young hunk who still gets his freak on with a lot of really hung guys.

Check out some pics from some of his hottest videos and click through each to see the video or visit his model page on the site and see everything he appeared in. When you do you’ll realize exactly why he was so popular, and still is! :)