Model Focus: Xavi Duran


Of course I had to get a Model Focus post up on the blog for handsome and hunky stallion Xavi Duran! He’s one of the new arrivals this month and he’s already getting some attention from the fans – but then with a face, body and his deliciously veiny and solid muscle cock I’m not at all surprised!

There’s a little I can tell you about this guy too. As I understand it he’s from Barcelona, Spain, and he’s a 27 year old hunk who just loves sex. I know it seems like that could be said about every guy on the site, but Xavi has such a high sex drive he’s been known to hook up with three guys in one day. I guess some of our more slutty members might have enjoyed the same, but for me that’s a lot! lol

That’s one demanding dick he has there, but then there’s no shortage of guys who would want this top slamming the cum out of them with that thing :)

He’s apparently started working out a lot more recently, eager to bulk up and put on some more muscle, but he’s always been a fit guy with a healthy lifestyle.

After seeing him sharing that veiny tool with some of the guys and seeing him sucking on some dick in his first video I think we all know that this guy is going to be in a few videos to come. I can’t wait to see him putting that muscle cock to good use in plenty more butt holes!