Naked Sword: Rags to Riches, Ep.4

NakedSword. Rags to Riches ep4

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Alam Wernik is out of his house, so he throws everything he owns into a bag. When he goes to unlock his bike, a thief grabs his bag and he trys to recover it pursuing him with his bike, but he doesn’t get it. Now, alone, penniless and homeless, he remembers the smile of Austin Wolf. Austin finds Alam on the sidewalk of his apartment and invites him inside. He treats him lovely and they both shower together before Austin leaves for a previous engagement. The next morning, Alam finds Austin in the guest room and starts to kiss and fuck passionately all morning long. After a hard fucking, Alam finally cums with Austin still inside him, and Austin blow his load in Alam’s mouth. Once done this, both realize that they have a deep connection and arrange another date.

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