New Scene on Staxus: Bare Conviction – Scene 2 – Remastered in HD


Gay prison sex is a very horny theme for a lot of guys out there, and I would be one of those guys! Yes, I have to admit that anything in a group shower setting like this one gets me hard and horny, and when the guys enjoying some bareback action are as sexy as Dillon Day and John Cer I’m definitely gonna be there wanking one out to the action.

This is actually one of those classic scenes that I hadn’t seen before this remastered re-delivery, and I’m so glad they chose this one for a facelift.

Dillon is playing the role of the horny dominant boy eager to get some dick to suck and a hole to fuck when he encounters sweet young John in the prison showers. I don’t know there the guards are during this (isn’t it usually the case that someone is there to watch over things, knowing that those dicks will be looking for some action? lol) but the lack of any supervision allows for some great action between these guys.

Dillon takes control in this one, but there’s no denying that John isn’t exactly reluctant to share his holes and his dick with the horny youngster when the opportunity presents itself. It’s supposed to be starting out as something of a rough and mean scene, but it soon becomes clear that both of these boys are eager to enjoy some hard young cock and bareback action with each other.

And so begins an amazing session of oral action between the boys, with Dillon finally claiming his young friends hole as he slides his naked uncut shaft into that tight smooth pucker for some deep ramming.

Like I said, gay prison sex can be totally horny, this delivery definitely is!

Check it out on the site and be prepared, get that lube ready for a great wank session :)

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