New Scene on Staxus: Bare Conviction – Scene 4 – Remastered in HD


Although there are always pretty great themes and settings in the Staxus videos, sometimes you really don’t need a whole lot of story to get the viewer caught up in the action. That was definitely the case with this remastered gay prison fucking between Rado Ross and Roy Seal in Bare Conviction Scene 4.

There’s no big elaborate set up for this one, Vlado Iresch gets the guys jumping right into the action as muscled dude Rado leaps on his prison buddy and thrusts his eager uncut cock right in his face.

If course, if we were confronted by such a delicious looking length of man meat we wouldn’t hesitate to start sucking on it, and Roy doesn’t either.

One good cock sucking deserves another of course, we all know this, so it should come as no surprise that the two are soon swapping their leaking tools on the bed as they lick and gobble each other in a 69 session that might have some of you just about ready to splash a load out. Believe me, as a fan of oral action seeing Rado eagerly devouring that wet tool is enough to have me edging :)

The ass play our hunky top delivers is a sure sign that the bareback fucking is about to start, with Rado licking and fingering his buddy to ease him open and wet his hole, soon being filled in with his throbbing length.

The fucking is great of course, the sight of Roy wanking himself off while his prison buddy thrusts in and out of his chute is amazing. If you manage to hold that jizz in all the way though you’ll be rewarded with a delicious sight as Rado cums all over his friends pucker and slides his soggy cock right back into him! Within moments our bottom boy Roy is ready to deliver his own, pumping out a multiple spurt load right in his handsome friends face and mouth :)

Check out some of the pics for this gay prison fucking session and click through for the video.

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