New Scene on Staxus: Bare Conviction – Scene 5 – Remastered in HD


What great delivery for a Friday! We have one of the classic stars if the Staxus studio in this one, John Magiaty, sharing his cock and butt hole with a couple of his delicious captives in this hardcore threesome session, with gay DP fucking too!

We all know what goes on in prisons all around the world every day. Guys locked up together inevitably turn to each other to help them out with their needs, and that’s exactly what gorgeous boys Kevin Bros and Ric Jones have done at the start of this video.

The boys are greedily wanking and sucking, sharing those delicious dicks with each other when John finally arrives to catch them in the act. In some instances this kind of thing might result in punishment from an angry guard, or even a beating from a particularly hateful officer, but in this case the only thing he has a hankering for is some cock for himself!

He’s soon in there sharing his own dick, his sucking mouth and his tight young hole too as the boys team up to plunge their naked prisoner dicks into him, finally cramming both their cocks into his ass for some gay DP fucking. I love seeing that in a video, the pleasure these guys are experiencing as they rub their dicks together inside him must be intense!

Indeed, it gets the job done and before you know it all three boys are splashing out copious amounts of cum from their boners and making quite the mess :)

Check out some of the pics, and if you haven’t wanked one out to this hardcore scene yet then get in there and watch it!

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