New Scene on Staxus: Barebacking Little Demons Scene #2 HD


It might not be fair to describe Dustin Revees and Vince Faulkner as being “demons”, and I really still don’t get the whole fascination with the lollipops either, but there is no denying that this little bonus video of a couple of sweet and sexy bareback twink boys is going to have some members wanking out some cum loads.

These boys are both pretty cute, it has to be said. The cock sucking is delicious as they get to work on each other – although I like a lollipop as much as the next guy I know which I would rather have if dick was also on the menu!

The boys get down to business early on, without much of a story or theme needed, but isn’t that how we like our bonus content? If anything is highlights just how much more work Staxus puts into their own videos :)

Sexy young Vince gets his tight little pucker rimmed and probed, but although he’s loving it we know it’s preparation for the raw fucking to come. And that is some very nice fucking too, with a little hair pulling and rough play to get the cum bubbling up for a splashing release.

It’s a horny little scene of a couple of bareback twink boys just having fun. Check it out when you get the chance! :)

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